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Abbotsford Police Foundation receives grant to fund “Youth Making Positive Choices” initiative

The Geo-caching series will run from June 1 to September 1. AbbyPD will upload the caches onto the
Geocaching App (free to use); and use social media to promote the event. They will post the Crossword /
Word Scramble doodle poster that the public will use to solve the mystery. Once the players solve the
mystery, they will drop off the solution at AbbyPD HQ and pick up a prize for successfully completing the
mystery. Prizes may vary but will include a custom Paint by Number kit while supplies last, featuring Cst.
Cuffs and the other characters from this mystery series.

Abbotsford Community Foundation joins Abbotsford Police Foundation and the Civil Forfeiture granting
program in funding this important project. Another example of the APF tagline at work: “Together for a
Safer Abbotsford”

APF President Kevin Boonstra says “Connecting Police with Community is the defining vision of the
Abbotsford Police Foundation. In these times of Covid 19 some of the YMPC programs have had to be
put on hold and/or have been severely impacted by restrictions and social distancing guidelines. The
Geocaching project which encourages safe participation in family and cohort groups will have a
profound and positive impact on the ability of AbbyPD to connect safely with Abbotsford Youth. We are
very grateful for the support of the Abbotsford Community Foundation”.

Inspector Jason Burrows of the AbbyPD Community Policing Branch noted “In a year that has once again
been about connecting with kids, this initiative is a creative way to engage with youth and get them
outside and active. Who knows, we may even inspire some future some future investigators who may
want to be police officers one day!”

To learn about AbbyPD programs the Abbotsford Police Foundation supports, to see your generosity at
work, or to donate so the APF can continue to support important AbbyPD initiatives visit us online at