your generosity at work

Our mission is to help our police make Abbotsford the "Safest City in BC" by supporting Abbotsford Police Department initiatives that reduce crime and build relationships.


An annual city-wide basketball tournament that encourages youth to make positive choices by participating in sport. More than 750 players, coaches, volunteers and 1000+ members of the community are involved in the tournament each year. Police officers participate on the organizing committee and are in attendance at every game providing a positive role model for our youth.


Each year we strive to purchase specialty equipment for the Abbotsford Police Department. These are tools that fall outside of their annual operating budget, but would greatly help AbbyPD safeguard the community. With your support, we purchased an aerial drone which assists police by providing a bird's eye view of crime and disaster scenes they may not otherwise be able to see, an ATV Gator giving AbbyPD access to remote and otherwise inaccessible locations surrounding the city and have contributed towards to the purchase of a training simulator which will allow officers to train for real-life scenarios in a simulated environment.

"Last year the Abbotsford Police Department was able to purchase a training simulator thanks to the generosity of our community and support from the Abbotsford Police Foundation. The simulator greatly enhances our ability to train our AbbyPD members in responding to dynamic and dangerous situations.  Having this training available to AbbyPD will help to keep our community and brave police officers safe. This equipment is something that we could not afford to purchase with our current operating budget.  It is a three screen simulator that puts our officers into simulated dangerous situations and provides them an opportunity to respond, learn, and train from that experience.  We truly appreciate the support and your commitment to helping us make Abbotsford the Safest city in BC" ~ Chief Constable Mike Serr  


This Abbotsford Police Department initiative is designed to engage and empower youth to make positive life choices. The program was developed by the Abbotsford Police Department in collaboration with Abbotsford School District #34 and other community partners and is designed to educate young people on the potential dangers associated with their decision making.


In 2019 we purchased four Kevlar protective vests for the police dogs who are partnered with AbbyPD officers. We also launched a pilot "K9 Retirement Program" to help defray costs for veterinary, food and insurance for the retired police service dogs. The pilot program was a success that in 2020 it became a permanent initiative that we will continue to fund.